hybrid work benefits for business at the thrive network

Commuting time.

Commuting is a major time-suck for most office-goers. The average person spends about 100 minutes commuting to work each day, or about 203 hours annually. Imagine how much time you could save by eliminating that commute by working flexibly! Just think: instead of sitting in traffic everyday, being impatient with the sluggish pace of your fellow drivers, and getting honked at by strangers, you could be doing things like catching up on sleep or finishing up a project before your boss gets back.

Camaraderie in the workplace, by being physically present at least some of the time.

Another important benefit of the hybrid work model is that it allows employees to separate their work and home environments. The ability to leave the home for a portion of the day is vital for many employees, who have learned during this pandemic that working from home can be isolating and lonely. Additionally, when employers provide office space for their employees, they are able to foster camaraderie in the workplace, as colleagues can interact and get to know one another better. In addition, having coworkers physically present in an office makes meetings more efficient because time doesn’t have to be spent troubleshooting technology issues or allowing everyone time to join a virtual meeting. Instead, colleagues can instantly meet together in person at any time during work hours.

Office space costs are reduced.

You’ll need less office space when you choose a hybrid work model at a coworking space. Office space is leased per square metre, so the smaller your office, the less you’ll pay. If you’re in a big city like Melbourne or Sydney, where rentals are particularly steep, this can represent big savings for your company. Extra workspaces that aren’t being used everyday because employees are working from home, means you can share them between your team and reduce your overall rental costs.

Utility costs are reduced

Utility bills are a thing of the past when you choose to work from a flexible office space, or coworking space. All your water, electricity, gas and internet bills are included in the base cost of your membership. This also means no maintenance costs – say goodbye to air conditioning issues in the summer and heating issues in the winter, everything is taken care of for you! And it goes without saying that during a pandemic when we’re all washing our hands more often than before and using multiple hand sanitiser pumps every day – hand towel usage will go through the roof (pun intended). That’s more money you don’t have to spend on replacing rolls of toilet paper and hand towels every week or even worry about who is going to manage that problem!

Cleaning services are included

Desks, common areas, meeting spaces, kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned everyday in a coworking space. You don’t need to worry about stocking supplies or managing refills. These changes alone could mean hundreds of dollars saved annually just by switching to hybrid work!

Increased productivity for many workers.

For many, the ability to work from home at least some of the time is an immense perk. Even just taking one day a week to not commute to and from an office can be a huge relief for many employees. Working from home means less distraction and more focus—especially for positions that are not customer-facing or which do not involve constant collaboration with other employees. Not having to deal with the major distractions—and even annoyances—of everyday office life is a huge benefit for many people. A study by Stanford University found that workers who worked from home at least some of the time were 13% more productive than their counterparts in the office. Employees also reported higher job satisfaction and lower stress levels as benefits of working remotely, although they did miss workplace relationships when working at home.

Companies that allow hybrid work benefit from it in several ways.

Companies that offer hybrid work arrangements generally realise a number of benefits. For one thing, employers save money by reducing office space and other expenses associated with brick-and-mortar work. Businesses can also hire from a wider talent pool because location is less of an issue. Employees are happier if they have more free time for family and personal interests, which leads to higher retention rates and less need for expensive employee recruitment and training programs. They may also be more productive when they can focus on tasks away from the distractions of a workplace environment, especially since remote workers are often given more independence as they prove their value to the company.

Choosing a hybrid work model for your company with Thrive Network is easy. We can help you reduce your costs and improve your employee happiness with our beautiful facilities and mindful community. Book a tour with us today here and see the benefits for yourself.