Member Handbook

Please read through these notes on the space and our community standards and get in touch with us at or via the Thrive Slack channels.

membership level access

Day Pass Members have access to Level 2 between the hours of 8.30am-3.30pm weekdays

Flexible Members have access to Level 2 between the hours of 7am-7pm weekdays (unless otherwise agreed with management)

Dedicated Desk and Private Office members have 24/7 access to Level 2 and Level 3.

outside of staffed hours

Members using the space outside of the hours 8.30am-3.30pm Monday to Friday should do the following –

# take care of each other

# take care of the space

# take care of themselves

This encompasses not just the health, well-being and safety of our community but also simple things such as turning off lights if you are the last to leave, putting milk in the coffee machine if you are the first person in the space in the morning, letting our staff know if we have run out of anything or if something needs fixing via our Slack channel.


The Thrive Network Slack has different slack channels for the community’s use.

The #random channel is for general water-cooler chit chat, not necessarily work related

The #general channel is for communicating with other members, staff and management within the space for the purposes of growing our community, helping each other and generally promoting good business practices.

The #help channel is for members within the space to alert staff if there are maintenance or IT issues or if we have run out of consumables like toilet paper or (god forbid) coffee. 

The #suggestions channel is for anything you think would benefit or improve the space. We can’t guarantee we will implement every suggestion, but we’ll certainly consider it!


In a shared space, every effort must be made to keep personal sounds low. If you need to have a long or loud personal conversation, you should move it to one of the private areas (like the phone booths at the back of Level 2), outside or to a meeting room or zoom room (provided no-one is booked in). When others are around, personal music should be listened to on headphones. Public music should only be played on the Thrive SONOS stereo system. The purpose of the public music is to create an ambient sound that people can easily work over the top of and so that footsteps or phone conversations are not jarring in the silence. Therefore the volume should be loud enough to hear but not so loud it’s hard to concentrate on work. Bear in mind that the music in the space is for everyone’s enjoyment and is supposed to be in the background and we are happy to take playlist, artist or genre suggestions.

lights and air-conditioning

If you are working in the space outside of normal business hours, please turn on only the lights you need to work. ie. lights over your workspace, kitchen or bathroom lights and corridor lights if necessary. Lights in the boardrooms, meeting rooms, reception etc should stay off in the interests of saving the environment and the power bills.

If you are here after 8pm the lights in the main workspaces on L2 and L3 will turn off automatically – there is a master switch outside the main boardroom on L2, outside the lifts on L3 and outside the shower room on L3 that will override this setting.

The air-conditioning system is on a timer and will come on automatically in the morning at 7am – the two main interfaces are located on L2 just outside the ladies toilets and L3 on the wall opposite the kitchen. Please do not change the temperature on these systems, ask the Community Manager on duty to assist you.


We use Eco-Green Cleaning and Maintenance to service the space twice weekly (Wednesday and Friday evening). We ask that all members try and place their rubbish in the appropriate recycle bins and empty their own desk rubbish bins accordingly. Please also remember to place your cups, glasses, dishes in the dishwasher at the end of the day so that the space is clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy.

coffee machines

The coffee machines are cleaned regularly every night. When using the machine for the first time after it has been cleaned please put a milk carton in the small fridge next to the machine and insert the tube into the milk. On Level 2 the machine will have a small orange triangle in the right hand corner of the screen – press this and confirm that you are adding milk. On Level 3 simply put the milk in the small fridge with the tube in the carton and turn the machine on. If in doubt Kettle Black next door and Crux & Co across the road open at 7am!

kitchen and public areas

Please keep the kitchen and any breakout areas tidy and clean for everyone to use. Put your dishes in the dishwasher or wash them and ensure that any leftover food is covered and stored in the fridge. The fridge will be cleared out on a Friday night so please make sure any food you wish to keep has been removed prior to Friday afternoon.

The fridge is stocked with plates, cups, glasses, bowls, mugs and cutlery for your use as well as platters and cheese boards. Serviettes and tea towels are kept in the drawers in the kitchen and there is glad wrap and aluminium foil in the L2 kitchen drawers as well as freezer bags. The zip taps in the kitchens dispense boiling water and chilled filtered water.

snacks and meals

We offer a selection of snacks in each kitchen in the ‘snack boxes’ for members to enjoy. The service is based on an honour system, please fill in the sheet and either leave your money in the THRIVE cup or simply write it down as an IOU and we will come calling for the money (either cash or card) at the end of the week.

Please do the right thing so everyone can enjoy this service.


Our print system runs via ezeep. If you would like to use the printers please ask reception for a card giving you the login and password to the portal.

If the printer has run out of paper please replace it ready for the next person to use or let reception know via our Slack channel or in person. Paper is kept in the utility cupboard next to the printer on each level along with staplers, paper clips and and a staple remover. Please ensure you leave the print area neat and tidy and dispose of any paper rubbish in the recycling bin.

screen sharing tech

Both the large boardrooms and the 6 person meeting rooms on L2 & L3 have wireless, cross-platform screen sharing tech available for your use. Anyone wishing to use the screen sharing tech will need to have the Vivi app installed on the device they wish to share from (laptop, tablet, mobile phone). Multiple users can share screens in the same session. Go to Vivi Downloads to download the correct package for your device. Mac users will be taken straight to the App Store to download, Windows users will have the download start automatically. Turn on the TV using the remote and follow the instructions on the laminated information sheets in each room to connect.

security access

In order to access the space, members must download the door key app onto their smartphone. Secure door controllers are installed at the front door, the rear laneway door, the L2 workspace door (between the meeting rooms and the kitchen) and in the lift. Instructions for saving the door key app to your phone can be found below. (Please note that stairwell doors for both levels are not to be used outside of staffed hours except for egress in the event of a fire or emergency.) CCTV cameras record all public areas of the space 24/7.

door key app instructions

iPhone users can go to App Store and download the Proximity Mobile app and login with their email address and password.

Android users can go to the Play Store and download the app here and login in with their email address and password.

Make sure LOCATION SERVICES are ON (While Using the App) and Private Browsing is OFF.

covid19 policy

The Thrive Network takes the health and safety of our members, staff and guests very seriously. Please read our COVIDsafe policy here and contact reception should you have any queries.