The Thrive Network is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its members and external visitors in the licensed and public spaces of the Thrive Network.

To this end, this policy sets out the minimum steps that we are taking in order to manage the coronavirus situation, alongside expectations that are placed upon you to help us make the space as safe as possible. This policy has been developed using current advice and guidelines from the relevant Government authorities in Australia and the State of Victoria. A copy of our mandatory government COVID Safe Workplace Policy is available here.

All companies using the Thrive Network space must have their own individual company COVID Safe plan which must be provided upon request.

For the safety of yourself, your staff, guests and others in the coworking space Melbourne, this policy must be followed at all times. This policy refers to you, your staff, guests, interns and other persons your company is responsible for.

Non-compliance with these measures may result in management denying access to the space of a member, or member organisation, guest or visitor; or a cancellation of membership and/or a booking.

  • Government guidelines state that distancing must be observed to one person for every 2 square metres. We will track total occupants in the space and ensure that our occupancy rates do not exceed this guideline.
  • People must aim to keep at least 1.5m apart from each other. Physical distancing signs are placed around the space advising of these rules. It is your responsibility to maintain this distance at all times in the centre.
  • All guests must enter the space via reception on Level 2 only and must check-in via the Victorian Government QR Code. This includes members of any team who normally reside interstate and are regular visitors. Access to other areas of the space will not be granted until check-in is complete.
  • By entering the space at Thrive you agree that you comply with Victorian Government mandates regarding vaccinations or have a valid medical exemption that has been provided to our staff upon entry.
  • Mask wearing inside the space is compulsory when advised by the Victorian Government and the Chief Health Officer.
  • If you present to the space with any symptoms of a cold or flu like virus including a cough, runny nose or temperature you will be asked to immediately remove yourself from the space and we recommend you seek immediate medical advice, testing and self-isolation. No exceptions will be made to this rule.
  • We recommend arriving a few minutes prior to the start of your booking in order for testing to be undertaken in a timely manner.

The Thrive Network will continue to :

  • Increase levels of cleaning and sanitation to adhere to best practice hygiene and safety standards
  • Make hand sanitiser readily available at all entry points, welcome desks, in kitchens, meeting rooms and other key areas.
  • Ensure our team undertake high-frequency touchpoint cleaning, focused on entry points, handles, taps, communal appliances, buttons and railings, welcome desk area chairs, phone booths, bathrooms, and end-of-trip facilities, in addition to our usual rigorous cleaning regime.
  • Provide disinfectant wipes and screen wipes for all flexible desks, dedicated desks, meeting spaces, phone booths, computer screens, phones and in various communal locations allowing members to wipe down any surfaces and equipment before and after use.
  • Provide designated floor signage stipulating 1.5m social distancing features at entry points, in communal spaces and throughout the space.
  • Monitor occupancy levels in all spaces.
  • Continue to update all workspace guidelines regularly based on OH&S changes and government guidelines, including the wearing of face masks in open areas.
  • Provide our staff with the correct PPE based on government guidelines and ensure they have completed COVID-Safe infection control training.

The Thrive Network will not be liable for any costs, service interruptions, delays or cancellations as a result of guests being denied admittance to the space due to not meeting the requirements of our COVID-19 policy.

The Thrive Network will not provide refunds to any organisation due to non-admittance of guests or members who have failed temperature testing or present with symptoms of a cold or flu deemed by our staff to be unsafe.

This policy operates as temporary policy and guide until the current pandemic is considered past and works alongside existing company policies and procedures where practical. All policies and procedures associated with this document may be subject to change and you will be notified and updated if this occurs.

This policy may be updated to observe government regulations and advice and we encourage all members to review the SafeWork Australia website here in relation to their own business and teams.

The organisation will advise you as soon as possible when updates are made.