Why should you use offsite training rooms or meeting rooms? Professionals and executives employed by medium to large companies will inevitably attend all-day offsite meetings at some point. An offsite meeting brings your team together someplace apart from your usual office to hold a meeting, coordinate a strategy, or deliver training.

A meeting in this format will incur extra expense, and will mean a day spent away from other essential daily tasks. Is it worth it?

Here are 5 good reasons to organise an offsite meeting:

Increased Productivity

An outside meeting has gravitas. People give it greater importance due to the organisation required and the expense incurred. It has a presence on their calendar, and so they think about it more, discuss it and plan it better.

Offsite meetings can revitalise and reenergise employees. Due to the investment in their being invited, employees believe they are important and trust that their contribution matters. Because everyone has made a commitment to leave normal work behind for a day, they are more likely to fully engage with the topic of the meeting and give it more brain-power. This sense of importance also leads to greater motivation and a more engaged group. The impact on productivity of holding an offsite training session should not be downplayed.

Relationship Building

Team building exercises are an important component of many offsite meetings, and for good reason.

There is great value in working together in a different realm. For example, if your team building exercises include physical or mental challenges, the team has to capitalise on people’s logistical minds and physical strengths.

Team members see each other in a different light and abilities emerge that may not be apparent in day-to-day office meetings. Offsite meetings allow people to show different skills, strengths and weaknesses than when you are sitting at a desk or in an office. Making it fun and building camaraderie increase bonds formed and enables better problem solving as a group. it is a significant emotional experience for those involved.

Using the Best Technology

Hiring a training room or a meeting room allows a company to utilise a space that is specifically designed for audio-visual presentations and uses the latest in presentation technology. Leaders can focus on the content of the presentation without worrying about technical glitches. An offsite meeting venue will usually have dedicated staff to attend to any AV or technical requirements for you. This allows you to focus on your team and not your computer!

Avoid Interruptions

An offsite meeting space allows a company to avoid the many daily interruptions that happen in an office space environment. How much time is wasted by meeting attendees arriving late to their office, checking their email, answering their phones, dealing with ad hoc requests for help from other staff, or a dozen other routine office interruptions? By taking the meeting offsite, phone calls and emails can be limited to break times if necessary allowing the participants to focus on the task at hand. Which, you guessed it, increases productivity.

Face to Face Networking

With the advent of online meetings, the lack of face to face interaction is the missing piece in many communications. When it’s critical to understand each other, nothing works like meeting in person. When a group shares the same physical space, you can pick up on non-verbal cues that would be missed over the phone or via video chat.

Hand gestures, facial expressions and body language – especially from team members who don’t have the spotlight – shouldn’t be underestimated. Other nuances that allow colleagues to better relate to one another can only be achieved in face to face meetings. This allows staff to become better acquainted, to learn each others strengths and weaknesses and to form bonds that do not happen with online meetings where distractions abound.

The social interactions that happen in face to face meetings also have long lasting mental health benefits for all involved.


The Thrive Network has a range of meeting rooms and training rooms for all occasions including hi-speed fibre wifi, premium AV facilities, dedicated staff, on-site catering and kitchen facilities and breakout areas. Get in touch with us today to organise your next offsite meeting and watch your team reap the benefits!